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Darren Bader
#I am just living to be dying by your side

21 febbraio — 13 aprile 2013

Darren Bader, #I am just living to be dying by your side

Clarice Lispector* says:

Anyone who lives, knows, even without knowing, that he or she knows

I know words; I know the world. That’s pretty much all I know as far as I know (well, I also
know me (which is different than I of course)).
I know (that I know) that other people seem to know too and this usually helps out a lot. But
as we idiomize in English, “you never know”.

“People” was my first title for this exhibition. It seemed to have a good tenor to it, but then I
realized it had other tenors as well. Hmmm: the world in so many words: perhaps a journey,
because journey[s] have a certain tenor too. And then how to name the less known. Why? I
don’t know (you know what I mean).

There’s a song named “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” by a band named Cinderella
with words that always speak to me:

All things [sic] come and go; all that’s left are the words

The singer, Tom Kiefer, then lets out a touching/touched whimper-plea:

I can’t let go

In other words, the Grateful Dead begin:

If my words did glow, with the cold [sic] of sunshine

Their plaintive-cum-exultant minstrelsy ending in:

If I knew the way, I would take you home

Followed by words that are not quite words

An explanatory note on the "antipodes" series:

the antipodes (pron.: /ænˈtɪpəәdiːz/; from Greek:  ντίποδες,[1] from anti- "opposed" and pous "foot") of
any place on Earth is the point on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to it. Two points that
are antipodal (/ænˈtɪpəәdəәl/) to each other are connected by a straight line running through the centre of
the Earth.

The "antipodes" works in this exhibition number 10 (one not mentioned here on the checklist, which can
be occasionally be seen in person or can be seen in a few of the webpage images). Each of the works is
constituted of four parts/elements (with one or two exceptions). The "antipodes" works are all predicated
on the following:

The word antipodes is not to be taken in its literal sense, but should serve as a guide. The constituent
parts/elements of the work should be dispersed to various parts of the globe. In dispersing each of the 4
parts/elements, one should keep in mind the great distances that separate one part of the Earth from

In considering distances, one could find that 1400 km separates Berlin from Sarajevo, and that this
distance is adequate for two of the four parts/elements. But in considering the distance separating the
remaining 2 parts/elements, one should make it a point to "scatter" them to more remote loci.

Much like the impossibility of the human eye seeing the entire face of the Earth (even from the vantage of
interplanetary space), so the 4 parts/elements should be "impossible" to "see" together. (Of course, the
Mercator map renders this impossibility possible, but sticking to "notions" of discrete hemispheres is "of
the essence".)

The constituent parts needn't be "permanent residents" of fixed loci. They are quite free to circulate over
time, per the parameters mentioned above. They can also reconvene in one place from time to time (a
"home for the holidays" type situation).


*Well, Giovanni Pontiero says that she says

Works marked * are works by Jesse Willenbring (FS) and works by Darren Bader

Works marked ** are works by BRAD

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