Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Henrik Håkansson
July 20, 2004 (Pieris napi)

12 November 2005 — 14 January 2006

On July 20th of 2004, a butterfly takes flight in a meadow in Bengtsgård (Sweden), GPS location N. 56° 58.14 / E. 12° 28.94. For his third solo show at Galleria Franco Noero, Henrik Håkansson recreates the conditions of a theater, using the devices of a real cinema room, to focus on the lift off and the flight of a Green-veined White butterfly (Pieris napi). The film shows a moment, 0,25 second shot in a 10 cm large microcosm, slowed to a 1min 20 sequence and projected onto a large cinema screen in the 2:35 format of the ʻcinemascopeʼ without any sound; only the grinding 35mm projector mounted on loop sings the imposing structure of its complex machinery. Håkansson point outs through a magnifiyng glass the perpetual activity of a small being, transforming one its most natural and common mean of moving into a human-scale spectacle. Beyond documentation and scientific research, this film reveals all the grace, the beauty and the elegance of the intense and delicate movements of a butterfly taking into flight, increased by the flickering image of the projection. Born in 1968 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Henrik Håkansson lives and works between Berlin and the South of Sweden. His work has previously appeared in a number of solo and group shows both in Europe and abroad. Among them his recent solo shows at Secession, Wien, 2002; ʻAn Introduction to the Birdsʼ, Villa Merkel, Esslingen/De Appel, Amsterdam, 2004; The Dunkers Culture Center, Helsinborg, Sweden, 2004. Group exhibitions: 'Power of Art', Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, 2002; 'Berlin Biennale', Berlin, 2001; ʻUtopia Station, 50th Venice Biennial of Art, 2003; ʻThe Order of Natureʼ, OK-Centrum für Gegenwarstkunst, Linz, Austria, 2005; and Biennale dʼArt Contemporain, Lyon, France, 2005.
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