Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Lara Favaretto
Non ho creduto in niente

19 September — 28 October 2006

For her second solo show at Galleria Franco Noero, Lara Favaretto presents two new works and an edition piece in Via Giolitti, and a sound installation in Via Mazzini.  All the works show at the same time a development of themes that Lara Favaretto has been reflecting on in the past years and a necessity of a deeper involvment of herself in first person.  A lifesize sculpture, literally cast out from her full body, has turned it into a fountain, in a gesture that shows her childhood dream of being a male: the sculpture is in a grey industrial plaster, which fulfills her need of using a material that did not require other treatments or colouring on its surface, seeking for complete objectivity.  The same objectivity informs the way in which the piece is sculpted, the visibility of all the devices that allow the water to circulate, the choice of the mason's black basket, and of the untreated steel base.  In the same room there is a rope hanging from the ceiling spinning at different speeds, banging from time to time on the closer white wall leaving black marks from its end covered in leather, or just resting still when the engine that allows its spinning is not activated.  The rope has been custom made and its lenght has been dictated by Lara Favaretto's dreadlocks hidden inside of it, which she cut after twelve years.  An edition piece is shown in the corridor that leads to the office space: a black and white photograph shows her hair on a floor right after they were cut, and it is attached to a slab of thick natural rubber by a custom made solid gold pin, bearing her initials and edition number, which is of 21, half of the number of the 42 cut dreadlocks.  In Via Mazzini the gallery space is immaculate and completely empty, the floor covered in black rubber and the entrance door fully opened all day onto the street without security service: once a visitor walks in an applause recordered by Favaretto at the Teatro Regio of Torino starts, and after one has stepped out it just stops after a few seconds. The piece plays on Favaretto's intention of surprising and welcoming people with the gift of an unexpected event, letting them be part of her work, canceling the boundaries between public and private spaces, and personal and collective experience. Lara Favaretto (1973, Treviso) lives and works in Torino. Her work previously appeared in a number of solo and group shows. Among them: Galleria Franco Noero, Torino (2004); Galerie Klosterfelde, Berlino (2005); ‘Project Room’, Galleria Franco Noero, ARCO’06, Madrid (2006); ‘I poveri sono matti’, special project at Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli (Torino). Group shows: ‘OK/OKAY’, curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler, Swiss Insitute and Grey Art Gallery of New York University, New York (2005); Venezia / Opera DARC, 51° Biennale di Venezia, Venezia (2005); ‘Ecstasy: Recent Experiments in Altered Perception’, curated by Paul Schimmel, MOCA, Los Angeles (2005); ‘Trial Baloons’, curated by Agustin Perez Rubio, Octavio Zaya and Yuko Hasegawa, MUSAC, León, Spain (2006); ‘al cubo’, Galleria Franco Noero, Torino (2006); ‘Cinq Milliards d’Années/ Une seconde une année’, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2006). Lara Favaretto has been awarded of the Young Italian Art Prize 2004-2005, Un'opera per il Maxxi, 51° Venice Biennial, Venice.
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