Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Solo Show – Andrew Kerr

22 March — 25 April 2001

The young Scottish artist, Andrew Kerr works with objects trouvés and scrap, deriving his inspiration from the materials he collects. He turns his powerful attention to whatever he happens to come across, whether it be the abandoned creations of an amateur sculptor, or raw packing materials, developing in the process, his own personal response to the shapes and the materials he encounters. "Andrew Kerr produces roughly crafted objects from found materials such as polystyrene and card. These works can appear as bathetic representations of the monumental ʻpublic art-worksʼ produced by a previous generation of artists" (Rob Tufnell). Now the Galleria Franco Noero will be presenting a series of new works in plaster, polystyrene, wood and whatever else Kerr can scavenge at the venues. For Kerr, in fact, his reaction to the space where he is showing his work is a matter of some importance. Andrew Kerr was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1977 and works and lives there. This exhibition at the Galleria Franco Noero is his first one-man show in Italy and his second in absolute terms, after his first solo appearance at the Modern Institute gallery in Glasgow. His work has, however, appeared in various group shows, in Scotland and abroad including: "Absolute Open-New Art in Scotland", at Inverleith House, Edinburgh, "Me We Underground" in Athens and ʻLouder than Loveʼ in Brussels. His next public appearance will be at a "double solo" show: Andrew Kerr/Alex Pollard at the Dundee Generator, Scotland.
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