Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Solo Show – Stefan Hirsig

30 March — 06 May 2000

Stefan Hirsig plans his works, paintings and drawings around architectural and design reference points. In an articulated game of shapes and outlines, he draws a variety of patterns on a background of soft colours, thus creating a complex abstract whole that can be interpreted variously from pictorial or conceptual points of view operating on different levels. Round, organic shapes blend with rigorously geometric outlines within a framework containing obsessively conflicting colours and elements. Hirsig’s approach involves a continuous overlaying of geometric outlines vaguely reminiscent of a tailor’s pattern or project design forming a mass of abstract images. Occasionally, one can get a glimpse of recognisable objects set inside aerodynamic shapes which opens the way to myriad associations. Hirsig’s works represent a sort of fusion between dynamic Constructivism and a Pop atmosphere but which is closely connected to the architecture-design links. The show at the Galleria Franco Noero, Hirsig’s first one-man show in Italy, is made up of a series of seven new acrylic works on canvas which, despite their individuality, form an organic group named ‘Safari Beta 2.4’. Stefan Hirsig was born in Berlin in 1966. He exhibited in the group show Officina Europa (Bologna, 1999) and had his most recent one-man shows in 1999 at Martin Klosterfelde in Berlin and at the Galerie Philomene Magers in Cologne.
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