Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Solo Show – Adam Chodzko

16 April — 16 May 1999

Adam Chodzko's "Reunion: Salò" 1998 begins with a poster requesting an assembly of the sixteen adolescents who are seen to die gruesome deaths in Pier Paolo Pasolini's film "Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom" (1975). The bizarre weaving of fact and fiction that arises in response to this advertisement, distributed around Italy, is elaborated in a series of photographic portraits and a video projection. Part resurrection and part affirmation of the 'truth of a fiction', "Reunion: Salò" shows that nothing is what it seems. Over the last eight years Adam Chodzko's art has used this activity of searching, in order to develop encounters with people and environments as a means of creating visions. Working with video, photography and installation Chodzko traces the relationships between people and their imaginations. Playing with the complex interrelationship of fantasy and reality, fiction and journalistic 'truth' the artist places questions in the public realm using classified advertisements or fly-posters, for example: 'Artist seeks people who think that they look like God', or 'Where you a Strange Child?' and 'How would you light Heaven?'. Through these quests Chodzko operates as a mediator, involving people in the construction of temporary communities and wonderful possibilities. With thanks to Alberto Grimaldi and the Pasolini Foundation. Born in 1965, Adam Chodzko lives and works in London. His work has appeared in a number of solo and group shows both in Britain and abroad, among then 'Sensation' (London, 1997), 'Brilliant" (Minneapolis, 1995) and 'General Release' (Venice, 1995). His next projects include the launch of a catalogue-monograph, a solo show at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham and a series of group shows, including 'Sleuth' at the Barbican Art Centre in London.
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