Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Solo Show – Daniele Puppi

11 March — 12 April 1999

On Thursday March 11 1999, Franco Noero is opening a new gallery in Turin in via Mazzini 39a devoted to contemporary art with a video installation by Daniele Puppi. The new gallery will focus in particular on the italian and international young artists, presenting personal shows by painters, film-makers, photographers and installation artists. These exhibitions will be flanked by works made by young or established artists for Turin that will extend beyond the confines of the gallery. The works of Daniele Puppi are expressly designed for a particular environment, in other words they are 'site-specific', video installations in wich the artist is both the protagonist and the medium and where the simultaneity of images and sound reflects an equal simultaneity of perception and movement. That movement is direct, immediate and straightforward, a movement that suddenly engineers a shift in the viewer's perception beyond his or her habitual visual boundaries. Puppi identifies and captures the boundaries of his space, liberating its essence in a way that modifies and expands the way we normally look and hear. He redesigns and goes beyond the margins and the proportions of the space occupied by his video projection so that it becomes at once both document and action. This is a different way of distributing movement into an adjacent dimension: another space- time continuum in wich matter is transformed into virtual reality. Daniele Puppi was born in Pordenone in 1970 and has made a considerable name for himself over the past couple of years in Rome where he lives and works and where his work has been shown in several of the city's public galleries. This show is his first in a private gallery.
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