Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Jason Dodge
These, ours.

16 September — 25 October 2014

These, ours.
Hands are unbearably beautiful.
They hold things. They let things go.

- Mary Ruefle


For Jason Dodge’s second exhibition in the gallery he presents eleven new sculptures.
The titles of these works are not written, but rather the works themselves.


The elements of the works in the exhibition include:


1. Silver tarps that cover a part of the floor

2. A doorway made impassable by a heated line.

3. Evaporating water

4. Items on a found grocery list bought in repetition, several times in different places.

5. A broken store window, an exhaust fan, a macaw parrot, a wedding ring and the screw it caught on, a grand piano lid and an ice skate, an ice ax, a folding gate, a conveyor belt and a car door—things that have been associated with accidents that have resulted in the loss of fingers, in this case ten things have been collected to make ten fingers, or two hands.

6. A rain pipe that is connected to the gutter on the roof so that when it rains, the rain is diverted into the gallery.

7. The contents of different peoples pockets kept at body temperature.

8. Unplugged lamps submerged in water.


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