Galleria Franco Noero

10154, TORINO

Jason Dodge
They lifted me into the sun again and packed my skull with cinnamon – Casa Scaccabarozzi (ground floor)

29 October — 12 December 2020

"They lifted me into the sun again and packed my skull with cinnamon" is an exhibition as an edition
of six shown in six venues simultaneously during the last week of October and the first week of
November. Participating venues include Galleria Franco Noero (Torino), Gilles Drouault galerie/
multiples (Paris), MORE publishers with Gevaert Editions (Brussels), Guimaraes (Vienna), Akwa Ibom
(Athens), and Gern en Regalia (NYC).

A set of specific items: Bayer Aspirin advertisements, a missing animal flyer, loose Marigold petals,
batteries, forks, and fabric, and a found shopping list, is sent to each space to be installed following
instructions sent electronically by the artist. Within this set of instructions is the conversational,
improvisational, and accumulative, employment of different practices, other bodies, and touches, the
exhibition's own poetics is animated through a series of choices akin to the translator's entanglement
in a poem. In each incarnation of this exhibition Dodge has asked someone to perform the
installation as a surrogate. The dancer and choreographer Alix Eynaudi has composed a score to
follow in order to install all of the exhibitions. Unrelated to randomness, but open to interpretation,
this show builds on Dodge's previous habit of inviting friends and colleagues to lend titles and texts
to his exhibitions, but here inspires a freer movement in a conversation with things, an improvisation
using a shared score by the artist Giorgio Griffa who translated the specific instructions through an
improvised installation resulting in a unique rendezvous of two strong and distinctive poetics.
We wish to thank Giorgio Griffa for the extreme generosity in accepting the invitation by Jason Dodge.
For the attention, the elegance, and the sharpness he had in reading and interpreting Dodge’s work
on the occasion of this project.

JasonDodge’s new project is on view at the ground floor of Casa Scaccabarozzi - the historical building
by Alessandro Antonelli also known as Fetta di Polenta - that once again becomes gallery space until
December 12, 2020. The exhibition can be seen exclusively through two windows of the building
facing the street of Via Giulia di Barolo in Torino.

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